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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the set of practices used to make your website search-engine friendly All the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo follow their own complex algorithms to determine the ranking of search results based on what they consider most relevant to users. These search results are not paid, hence the name organic search. For paid search results, consider Search Engine Marketing.

SEO practices usually reflect in search results in about 14 to 60 days, depending upon the search engine. These are basically trial and error methods based on our extensive research and experience in the field. The process involves:


On-page optimization

  • Website Analysis: overall size of the website in pages, in-depth website review for formats, contents, relevance etc..

  • Competitor Analysis: comparison of your website with the websites of your competitors.

  • Keyword Popularity Analysis

  • Keyword Research

  • Keywords tracking 

  • Meta creation

  • Page description

  • Site Map generation and crawl submission

Off-page optimization


Search engine optimization also requires the creation and maintenance of optimization techniques outside of the domain of a website. Strategies in off page optimization include:  


  • submitting your website to major directories, social bookmarking websites, and other sources of information.

  • Through link building practices relevant content and incoming links are created for your website to improve relevance and traffic to your website from other sources. This also assists your website's rankings in major search engines.

  • Creation of RSS Feed


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